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Student Accommodation – 158

Please take note- Photos of rooms were taken with the current student’s property, the items in the image MAY NOT BE INCLUDED with the room, please be sure to ask what is included. (a bed, desk, chair, and cupboard are usually provided, but not always, see under amenities if the room is furnished)

Bigger Single Room
R 2800.00 – ( Room 3)
Smaller Single Room
R 2500.00 – (Room 1)
Sharing Room
R 2000.00 – (Room 4, Room 5)
Smaller Sharing Room
R 2000.00 – (Room 2)
Standard Grading
Girls & Boys
Student House/Commune
5 Bedrooms


*If there is not a photo of one of the rooms, it DOES NOT mean that it is booked, we are still working on the website, adding photos of each room, improving the quality of the website to make it easier for student


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