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Students and Lease Agreements

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  • September 2, 2015
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1. a person who is studying at a university or other place of higher education.

Being a student it is your responsibility-your given right, to learn, to have an adventure, to break free from your family and discover what you are supposed to do with your life and who you are supposed to be. Being a student is an intro into growing up, preparing yourself in what is to come in the world of careers and adulthood. There are so many life lessons to take with you as you embark onto these new stages of your life. This article specifically has one main purpose, to provide you with a tip about an important and overlooked issue that you would be wise to remember as you go through your life adventures.

The issue I am talking about is simply to always remember to go through a contract before signing it, may it be a job contract, bank contract or how about one that is relevant to a student presently, a lease agreement. Most of you might already know how important it is, but very few of you actually put in the effort of going through a contract thoroughly.

When students sign a contract for a room with KPA Student Accommodation, we advise the students to go through the contract before signing. It is important because there is a list of things in a lease that can influence you in the future if you are not aware of them, and then you cannot change the contract because you have already signed.

Even though you should see every aspect of a renting contract as important, there are a few points that you must take into account and think about how it will affect you and if you agree with the terms. The first thing to observe is the additional charges that may be added to your account, any breakages, maintenance or late payment charges.

Secondly, go through the termination clause- it is unethical to cancel a lease agreement before giving notice, KPA specifically ask a 2-3 month payment after cancelling or a replacement for your room. This is necessary, because it provides protection for the owner of the house, so that he does not have an empty room in the middle of the year.


If you are uncertain about any aspects of a lease agreement, please do not hesitate to come see us and ask questions.


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