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Being comfortable, healthy and happy is everybody’s right. And it should be no different when you leave home to start preparing yourself for your future. At KPA the wellbeing of students is the primary focus of all our activities. Accommodation is more than four walls and a roof – it should be a home where you feel safe and comfortable.

KPA has been involved in the property industry in Bloemfontein, and specifically the lease market, since 1986. This exposure enabled KPA to identify a niche in the market that allowed KPA to develop a very specific service that brings together owners of properties with students looking for accommodation. KPA acts on behalf of both parties to ensure the wellbeing of all involved in the leasing process. This has provided the company with a unique capability that enables KPA to facilitate almost any type of accommodation request. Irrespective of your budget, housing requirements or other preferences, KPA will be able to find you the perfect spot where you feel at home. When your house becomes your home you are able to relax and pay attention to what really matters: Focusing on your studies and preparing for your future.

KPA’s involvement does not stop once a student has been matched with their preferred accommodation. The company provides a one-stop solution to student accommodation, which include maintenance, gardening and cleaning services and a 24-hour helpline. That is peace of mind – not only for tenants, but for their parents or guardians as well as for the owners of the properties.

Integrity is the backbone of all decision-making at KPA. The very personal nature of housing means that facilitating off-campus accommodation is not just a matter of signing contracts and collecting rent. KPA is committed to adding value and to walk the extra mile. For example, KPA provides a free shuttle service to its clients should they have to attend evening classes in order to ensure they arrive at home safely. KPA is also committed to a diverse, liberal environment and places a strong emphasis on contributing to good citizenship. Creating a culture of caring for your fellow man has far-reaching implications, not only for individuals but also for society as a whole.

KPA puts you on the road towards wellbeing. So give yourself the best possible start to your future by coming home to KPA.


KPA provides an all-inclusive off-campus student accommodation service for any housing need.


Housing solutions can be tailored to the individual’s needs – irrespective of your budget or whether you prefer a fully furnished space or want add your individual decorating touches, or whether you prefer privacy or a communal living arrangement. Click here for questions to consider before making a decision on your accommodation.


KPA acts as an agent between owners and tenants. Services include rent collection, maintenance, gardening and cleaning services. Owners have the peace of mind that their investment works for them while KPA takes care of the day-to-day management.


Most of KPA’s clients are taking the first steps on their voyage of discovery as adults. KPA acts as guardian of this life-stage and provides more than merely a roof over your head. The company takes this responsibility very seriously and is deeply involved in the student community in Bloemfontein.

The road towards wellbeing entails more than just providing in physical needs such as shelter and a safe place to live. Wellbeing is a holistic concept and KPA is also involved in facilitating life-skills, including managing often complicated roommate and housemate relationships, tips on being a good neighbour and ultimately a good citizen. This forms part of KPA’s commitment to being a valuable asset to South Africa and an active contributor to the community that the company operates in. KPA believes that strong communities are the foundation of a successful society.

KPA contributes to this endeavour in two ways: By being an example of responsibility and integrity, and by providing clients with the mentorship they need to become good citizens.

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