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What Do You Need To Rent a Room?

  • January 21, 2020
  • News

Renting a room with KPA, what should you bring to start the application process?


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If you are planning to check out the accommodation and move in the same day, it will be smart to have all the documentation ready when you visit KPA 📑🖋😎! To be able to sign for a room and before you move in the following is needed;

* ID & ID of the person responsible for payments.
* Student Card.
*Payslip & 3 Month Banks statement of the person responsible for payments.
* If you are a bursary student, please call beforehand to check if KPA accepts that specific bursary. ( If we are not accredited for that bursary, you CAN STILL STAY with KPA, you will then be responsible for payments until the bursary pays out. So bring along the above as well!)

* Just a friendly reminder, before you can collect the keys, a signed contract and payment is needed🏠🗝😊.

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