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The Inspiration Behind the Free Shuttle Service

The Inspiration Behind the Free Shuttle Service
  • September 7, 2015
  • News

Many students using the free shuttle service every day are thankful they do not have to walk home in the dark after evening classes. The shuttle is a favourable benefit for KPA Private Student Accommodation tenants. A great deal of students does not know the reason behind the free shuttle service, what they do know is that it is to accommodate them and to make sure they arrive safely at their homes, but the tragic story and inspiration behind the shuttle is worth knowing.

One evening a student of the University of the Free State and a tenant of KPA Student Accommodation was walking home after a long day of class, suddenly, without knowing what exactly happened that day, the student was lying on the ground with no hint of life. With no facts or reports of the incident, we were left in the dark, confused about what happed to this individual, and our hearts went out to this person and their family.

KPA decided that we never want anything like that to happen to our students, because they are worth protecting and we saw an opportunity to help the students feel safe, even if it meant dropping them at their doorsteps. KPA’s free shuttle service is for every KPA tenant that has evening classes and wants to make use of the shuttle. Meeting them at the Thakaneng Bridge at 17:00 everyday day, and dropping everyone at their house, making rounds from the Thakaneng Bridge to the student’s houses until the last one is safe.

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