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Student Budget Food Essentials

  • August 7, 2020
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Going shopping is hard when you need to keep a sharp eye on your budget, adulting, and enjoying freedom from your parents is a real challenge!

Balancing a hectic study and social life means it’s easy to sink into poor eating habits as a student. Add to that limited funds and the need for careful budgeting, and food shopping is often found at the bottom of the day’s to-do list – especially if you’ve rarely cooked for yourself before. Happily, cooking needn’t cost an arm and a leg. By filling your cupboards with the basic kitchen essentials at the start of term, you’ll find it easy to rustle up something tasty and affordable on the go.

Student Budget Food Essentials

What should be on that grocery list;

*Canned Tomato and Onion mix
Chopped tomatoes are the unsung heroes of the student pantry, providing a healthy base for a truly massive variety of meals – be it curry, pasta, or even a homemade pizza. Unlike fresh tomatoes, these cans last a lifetime, so you should always have at least two tins in the cupboard to whip up something tasty and wholesome when the mood hits.

Pasta is easily one of the most readily consumed student staples, and for good reason. Whichever way you like it, it’s possible to have pasta every day of the week without getting bored. Just mix and match your toppings and get creative with sauces, and you’ll always have a wholesome and nourishing meal close at hand.

Like pasta, rice is effortlessly versatile, cheap to buy, and will last a lifetime in your store cupboard. While some reckon it’s difficult to cook, there’s now a range of microwaveable or boil-in-the-bag options out there that take the stress out of cooking and make sure you get the right portion size.

Bread might not be the healthiest option, but it’s bound to be a big part of your student experience, so embrace it. We don’t need to tell you what you can make with bread, just let your creativity flow and remember to invest in a sandwich toaster – no student kitchen is complete without one.

Okay, if you really don’t like tuna, skip this one.

It may seem like an odd one to include in the list, but the nutritional value that you get for the price is incredible. Tuna is packed full of protein which is great for keeping up your energy levels and brainpower. Throw a can of it in a pasta bake, salad, or sandwich for a great meal which will keep your hunger at bay.

*Tea & Coffee
When you’re stressed out after an all-nighter in the library, at least you can fall back on your good old pal’s tea and coffee. Keep a steady stock in your cupboard for late-night heart-to-hearts, break-ups, and early morning pick-me-ups.

*Chicken & Beef stock cubes
Stock cubes are a must-have item. They’re incredibly cheap to buy and are used in gravy, soups, casseroles, stews…The list is endless. Use chicken stock for chicken dishes, veggie stock for vegetable dishes and so on

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for blow-out prices, reduced prices, and in-store specials. These will help stretch your grocery budget so that you can spend a bit more on must-have products that rarely go on sale.

If you can think of any items that are a must-have while being a money saver, let us in on it too!

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