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Services KPA Offers!

Services KPA has to offer you!

Here at KPA Student Accommodation we do not only provide you with a place to lay your head down at night, but we have so much more to offer our students!

To start with, KPA has hundreds of different types of accommodation, we don’t want you to accept the first place you see, do not just settle on mediocre. We believe we have something for everyone, some place you will love to live at! We have a variety of places to choose from, places suitable for every type of budget, wants and needs! Each to their own!

OUR FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE! Yes, you read correctly, a free shuttle services to pick up students in the morning, dropping them of at the university and picking them up again in the afternoon! Our students safety is one of the most important factors we strive to withhold each and every day, that is why we encourage our students to use the shuttle service when ever they can! Why walk when you can ride!

Cleaning Services. . .why worry about cleaning when you have class, exams, assignments and your new friends Birthday braai to think about? KPA’s cleaning crew is simply amazing, they clean a number of houses each day so that student don’t have to!

Maintenance services, we have a whole crew dedicated to house maintenance services, we have a professional team at KPA that takes care of anything from a blocked drain to fixing a broken stove! We’ve got you covered when it comes to repairs and making sure your home is in top notch shape!

A Furnished home, we know many of our students come from far and wide, we do not expect you to bring a whole moving van when starting your university journey! That is why many of our homes are furnished with the basics. Basics meaning a bed, desk & chair, wardrobe in your room, and then a fridge, stove, microwave and oven in the kitchen! Not all our homes are furnished, so make sure you check with our agents before signing for a room.

What you get At kpa

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