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Who makes the best housemates?

  • August 16, 2020
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Are you a worthy housemate or what is a good roomie to you?

Who makes the best housemates?

If you were to describe the qualities of your perfect housemate, what would you say? A great conversationalist or uber tidy? Or is it of paramount importance for them to be quiet and unnoticeable?
When you’re a student and live in student homes, you’ll discover all sorts of people you never knew existed. From the messy to the spoilt!

Clean up after yourself

Being someone who cleans up after themselves is a must if you want to win a housemate of the year. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of study to a clean and organized house, where everyone pitches in. Set up a roster for cleaning. Each of you should do a specific job each week so one person doesn’t get stuck with the bathroom, or the kitchen or the vacuuming. We here at Student Accommodation SA truly hope you find a house with cleaning services included so that there is one fewer thing to worry about.

Keep the noise down

Being noise-conscious is just as important as ever. You don’t want to wake up to sleep-deprived roomies, glaring at you over their morning coffee as they run off to a 7 am lecture. Unless your housemate is also a night owl or thrives in noisy environments, keep noise to a minimum and try not to interrupt anyone’s schedule.

Communication is key

Communication is key, especially when you live under the same roof. Being open to negotiations and easy to communicate with is the best way to solve disagreements and make sure everyone is happy.

Hang out together

Getting along with your housemates can make the world of difference to how you feel about your living space. Coming home and talking about your day, watching a movie on a Friday night or sitting down and eating dinner together can make your house feel like a home.

It’s cool to be kind

Everyone’s habits are different, and the most important thing is to respect your housemates. While everyone looks for different qualities in the ideal roommate, being kind to each other is the foundation of any healthy share house.

It’s all about courtesy and common sense. Want to be a good housemate but don’t have a place to call home yet? Check out our website for all your accommodation needs.

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