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Applying for accommodation with a bursary.

Having a bursary is such a great achievement and privilege, KPA Student Accommodation loves helping the bursary students find their perfect home while studying! What is needed from  when applying for accommodation with a bursary and how it works:

KPA Student Accommodation bursary

The first and most Important thing every bursary student must remember is that IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE STUDENT TO MAKE SURE THE BURSARY PAYS THE ACCOMMODATION!

When it comes to bursaries, there are a few we accept and some we do not, with bursaries we accept we require students to come into the office and talk the the appointed bursary personnel, they will assist you accordingly.

Do not PANIC or STRESS if your bursary is not accepted by KPA, you can still stay at KPA by doing the following:
-With the bursaries we do not accept, the students sign the renting contract as a self-paying student, meaning, the student pay’s for the deposit, admin fee and first month’s rent. The student must pay the rent until the bursary pays out, we want to help every student looking for accommodation.



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