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5 Feelings Students go through during exams

5 Feelings Students go through during exams. . 😱😩😎

“Let’s face it, exams are usually not fun, as an ode to this emotional turmoil, we’ve come up with 5 thoughts students might have during exam time…”

This article is definitely worth reading, a very quick read, and after reading it we guarantee you will not feel alone in this extremely stressed time.

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Example of what you will find in the article-
1. The feeling you get when you realize what you studied isn’t even on the exam.
We’ve all experienced this at one point or another. When this happens, an overwhelming feeling of sickness befalls you. You sit there in disbelief, recounting each moment of your review process, trying to decipher how you overlooked these concepts. Then you secretly cry to yourself and try to guess the answer to these questions as best you can
exam emotions

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